Electricity In Our Homes

Formed and based in London, Electricity In Our Homes are utilitarian in sound and vision. Taking inspiration from Talking Heads, Sonic Youth, Prince and the best of British DIY, they wear identical minimal attire their live shows are an exercise in conciseness, often teetering on the edge of chaos. Compared to acts as diverse as Captain Beefheart, DNA and Can, EIOH remain capable of blurring the genre lines in a captivating fashion.


We Agree Completely is dangerously good. The follow-up too February 2009's 7" with 4AD and the most innovative release so far, EIOH seem to be discarding the amateur shackles and letting rays of ambition shine through as much as their infectious individuality. This is a band able to produce easily the most exciting music of 2009 using only half their potential. Great things are surfacing, we should be more appreciative that bands like Electricity In Our Homes exist. A future great.


Photo 1: Tom Kavanagh
Photo 2: Emmaalouise
Photo 3: Offset