Skinjobs: Scenes from a Musical

19 Nov 2011

Scenes from a Musical

Rich Wilson and Adam Latham with James Connelly


Jacobs Island 18th November - 8th January


Scenes from a Musical turns Jacobs Island into a temporary theatre space. Adam Latham and Rich Wilson will be staging open rehearsals for their up-coming musical A Short Play In Black and White throughout the duration of the exhibition. Videos of these performances, as well as times and dates of future rehearsals will be made available on their website


The play is set somewhere between the classic Rogers and Hammerstein musical South Pacific and David Attenborough's nascent text Quest in Paradise. The opening night introduces a scene from early on in the play in which a cover of a rock classic will be performed live.


Several new sculptural works will be presented alongside the performances which also have a life span as props for the theatrical event. The sculptures are inspired by the stories of cargo cults from the tropics but have an authenticity more akin to the exotica lounge music popular in the late 1950s and early 1960s.


Scenes from a Musical also expands upon Latham and Wilson's ongoing collaboration, bringing in new work from painter James Connelly who has been specially commissioned to produce the 2D element of the show. Connelly's painting will also be used as the cover for an artist's book containing the first draft of the play and a text by James Cahill


Jacob's Island Gallery
56 Butler's & Colonial Wharf
10–11 Shad Thames
London SE1 2PY